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Here at Fiona's Flowers we love creating beautiful flower arrangements.  We can offer great advice and help you to ensure you get exactly what you want.

Our Guarantee

We stand behind our guarantee that all of our flowers, arrangements and gifts will meet your standards. We’re so committed to making sure we can meet all of your floral needs that we have a 100% money-back guarantee. We want to be your trusted  florist, every single time you have a special occasion.

The Meaning of Flowers

At Fiona's Flowers we know that sending flowers is the most special way to brighten up someones day. Its made extra special if the flower's meaning sends a message too. But what does each flower signify?

Acacia -  Friendship; Concealed or Chaste love

Aster - Symbol of Love & Daintiness

Azalea - Take care of yourself for me

Begonia - Good luck

Bluebell - Humility & Everlasting love

Cactus - Endurance (no surprise there)

Carnation - Fascination & Devoted love

      Carnation (Red) - My heart aches for you

      Carnation ( Pink) - I'll never forget you

      Carnation (Striped)  - Wish I could be with you         

      Carnation (White) - Innocence, pure love & you're adorable

Chrysanthemum - Cheerfulness, you're a wonderful friend

      Chrysanthemum (Red) - I love you

      Chrysanthemum (Yellow) - lost love

      Chrysanthemum (White) -Truth

Crocus - Youthful gladness & cheerfulness

Daffodil - You're the only one. Unrequited love. The sun shines when I'm with you

Daisy - Innocence, loyal love. I'll never tell, purity, gentleness & romance

Forget-Me-Not - Faithful love & undying hope. Memories. True love

Forsythia - Good nature, innocence; & anticipation

Freesia - Innocence, trust & friendship

Gardenia - Purity, sweet love & secret love

Geranium - Sincerity, generosity & natural grace

Gloxinia - Love at first sight

Hyacinth -  Games & sports

      Hyacinth (Blue) -  Constancy

      Hyacinth (Purple) - Please forgive me

      Hyacinth (Red / Pink)  - Let's play

      Hyacinth (White) - Loveliness

      Hyacinth (Yellow)  - Jealousy

Hydrangea  - Thank-you for understanding

Iris - Faith, wisdom, bravery  & hope

Ivy  -Wedded love, fidelity, friendship & affection


      Purple - First emotion of love

      White - Youthful innocence, purity, modesty & majesty


      Calla Lilly - Beauty

      Tiger Lilly - Wealth, pride & prosperity

      Lily of the Valley - Sweetness, humility & the return of happiness

Magnolia - Love of nature, nobility & dignity

Narcissus - Stay as sweet as you are

Orchid - Love, beauty & refinement

Pansy - Thoughtful reflection

Peony - Bashfulness. Happy marriage & prosperity


      Red -  I love you. Respect & courage

      Pink - Perfect happiness. Gentility & grace. Please believe me

      Deep Pink - Thank-you

      Yellow - Friendship. Joy & happiness

      White - Innocence, purity & secrecy

      Peach,  Coral & Orange - Enthusiasm & desire

       Assorted Colours -  You're everything to me

Sunflower - Adoration,  pride,  sunshine and radiance - we like Sunflowers!

Tulip - Perfect lover,  fame, love &  passion

      Red - Believe me. Declaration of love

      Yellow - There is sunshine in your smile

Violet - Modesty, faithfulness & virtue

      Blue -  I'll always be true

      White - Let's take a chance on happiness

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